Sétif City

Sétif City, alternatively referred to as Setifis or Zdif, deriving its name from “black soil,” serves as the capital of the highlands region in eastern Algeria. It is renowned for its remarkable vitality across economic, cultural, agricultural, and tourist domains. With prominent industrial facilities and commercial centers, Sétif also abounds in cultural and historical significance. This city stands out as a prominent and widely recognized tourist hotspot, acting as a vital link between the eastern and western regions of the country. Covering a substantial expanse of 6,549.64 square kilometers and situated at an elevation of 1,100 meters above sea level, Sétif comprises 60 municipalities distributed throughout 20 districts. It is situated approximately 300 kilometers away from the national capital, Algiers.

Transportation in Sétif

The Tramway, inaugurated on May 8, 2018, is a crucial element of sustainable transportation in Sétif. Operating along a 15.2-kilometer route with 26 stations that traverse different administrative, economic, and commercial areas, it facilitates convenient and eco-friendly citywide transit.

This tram system is dedicated to punctuality and safety while ensuring a comfortable experience for its passengers. Furthermore, it offers an efficient transport link to the University of Sétif 1, which is spread across three campuses interconnected by tram lines. Notably, the tramway also connects the university with various student accommodations, the bus terminal, and the railway station, streamlining the commute to the University of Sétif 1 and making it an environmentally responsible choice.

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Tourist Attractions

Sétif Park Mall

Situated at the core of Setif City, in close proximity to the Amusement Park, Governorate Headquarters, the National Archaeological Museum, and the Citadel Gate, there stands a substantial shopping complex. This development comprises two towering structures, each towering over 85 meters in height. Within its premises lies a vast shopping center, covering an expansive area of more than 41,000 square meters and housing a diverse array of retail stores.

Additionally, this complex features a luxurious hotel affiliated with the prestigious Marriott chain. This hotel offers panoramic dining options, a bowling alley, and a distinctive 400-square-meter ice skating rink for visitors to enjoy. Moreover, the mall encompasses office spaces spanning approximately 14,000 square meters and includes a conference hall with seating capacity for 1,000 attendees. For further details and in-depth information, please visit the following website: https://www.parkmallsetif-dz.com/

Located in the northeastern part of Sétif at an elevation of 900 meters above sea level, Cuicul encompasses a land area of roughly 42 hectares. This historical site earned UNESCO World Heritage status in 1982, with its roots dating back to the reign of Roman Emperor Nerva, specifically around 96 and 97 AD.

Archaeological City of Cuicul “Djemila”

Furthermore, within Cuicul, there is a museum displaying a remarkable archaeological collection, notably featuring an extensive mosaic collection spanning an estimated 900 square meters. These mosaics vividly portray scenes from daily life during that era.

Ain El Fouara Fountain

The Ain El Fouara Fountain stands as a highly notable historical icon within the city of Sétif in eastern Algeria. Crafted from white stone and marble, this fountain was brought to Sétif in 1899 and positioned at the city’s center. Its natural spring water source draws a multitude of visitors on a daily basis.

Megres Mountain

Megres is a mountain situated in the Ain Abassa Municipality, part of the Tell Atlas mountain range. This peak reaches an elevation of 1700 meters and includes areas for grazing livestock and a water spring. The mountain frequently adorns itself with a snowy blanket at its upper reaches, enhancing its inherent natural charm and attraction.