Committees Chairs

Keynote Chair

Dr. Lyazid TOUMI

Technical Program Committee Chairs

Track 1: Data warehouses and big data

Dr. Lyazid Toumi

Dr. Chabane Khemtout

Dr. Chafia Kara-Mohamed

Track 2: Artificial Intelligence and Data Sciences

Prof. Abdelouahab Moussaoui

Dr. Fouaz Berahail

Track 3: Computer Vision and Ambient Intelligence

Dr. Moussa Semchedine

Dr. Yacine Slimani

Track 4: Networking and Internet of Things

Dr. Mansouri Houssem

Dr. Gherbi Cherihane

Dr. Fateh Seghir

Track 5: Cyber Security

Prof. Mekhlouf Derdour

Dr. Ahlem Drif

Dr. Sara Cherbal

Organizing Chairs

Dr. Moussa Semchedine

Dr. Yacine Slimani

Publication Chairs

Dr. Lyazid Toumi

Prof. Makhmouf Derdour

Prof. Salim Bouamama

Publicity Chairs

Dr. Samir Belbal

Dr. Safia Djemame

Ms. Samia Kharchi


Dr. Houceme Mansouri

Dr. Lakhdar Goudjil